• One Man Trailer Loading System

    • Never lay down in your trailer
    • Scar-free tie-down system
    • No steering in or out
    • Eliminates the helper
    • Never crawl out a window again!
  • Patented Design

    The Rail Ryder Loading and Securing System is the ultimate choice for transporting your street rod, classic and exotic cars. Our ultra low loading angle and over-the-wheel straps that adjust for any tread width provide for a secure, scratch-free loading and transport experience.
  • NRSA and Goodguys
    New Product of the Year!

    Winner of New Product of the Year award at NSRA 43rd Annual Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky and Goodguys 15th Annual PPG Nationals People's Choice New Product of the Year award in Columbus, Ohio.

Rail Ryder is a patented one-man trolley loading / unloading system which allows you to tie down your car quickly and easily outside the trailer. Rail Ryder will haul any vehicle. It is the only loading tiedown system for any track width, any wheelbase.

About Rail Ryder

Rail Ryder will haul anything from a GT40 to a pickup truck. It is the only loading tiedown system for any track width, any wheelbase. Our system handles and secures vehicles by their wheels, eliminating inconsistencies in chassis and suspensions – from the primitive to the most sophisticated. By securing the car by its wheels we have made all cars equal.

Our 4º loading angle is the lowest in the industry. A typical tailgate door is a 13º angle. With the self-storing flipout extension, ours is less than 4º permitting easy loading of low, wide challenging cars.

This one-man system eliminates the helper. It requires only one set of eyes and one set of hands. Your car rides in and out on trolleys that run on rails, tracking in and out straight with no scrapes or dents.

With a Rail Ryder system, you will not need to open your car door inside the trailer. Just imagine never crawling out a window again!

Rail Ryder was founded in 2009 by Dale Hofius, a motorsports trailer user, with a vision to create a means of safely loading and securing cars in an enclosed trailer. Rail Ryder IS that vision.